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8 Brocades & Shaking Qigong Practices

2018-04-15T17:56:57+00:00Laughter Blog|

This is the Qigong practice of the 8 Brocades, or Baduanjin. Regular practice is believed to improve organ function and overall wellbeing. You can adjust the pace or the reps to accommodate most any time frame and it can be done in very little space. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3K-0JpiJu-o I also like the Qigong shaking practice as it [...]

On the art and science of creating powerful affirmations

2018-05-14T08:00:38+00:00Laughter Blog, Ways To More Laughter|

This article regroups various resources I have on how to create and use affirmations. I have been using those for years myself but without really ever putting much thoughts into what I was doing and how I was doing it. Then one day I read an article titled "How to Turn Limp Affirmations Into Mantras [...]

101 Words of Affirmation Every Child Wants to Hear

2018-04-03T20:06:45+00:00Laughter Blog, Ways To More Laughter|

There are so many “voices” in this world telling kids they don’t measure up. Behind every young child who believes in him or her, is a parent who believed in him or her first. Help your kids see how truly wonderful they are. Here are some suggestions to get started:

80 Easy Ideas For Random Acts Of Kindness

2018-04-03T20:07:59+00:00Laughter Blog, Ways To More Laughter|

I love the random act of kindness challenge. The idea is to inspire people to make a life-long commitment to service and kindness. The event challenges participants to complete a checklist of 50 acts of kindness in one week, including such things as holding the door for someone, helping a friend, or picking up trash. [...]

50 inspirational sticky notes you can post around

2018-10-02T19:54:05+00:00Laughter Blog, Ways To More Laughter|

The idea is simple: Give what you want to receive because (1) this is showing to yourself that you had it to give in the first place, and (2) the only way to find freedom is in giving. One of the many ways to do that is to post inspirational sticky notes around your neighborhood, [...]