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Welcome to LOU! Our beginner to advanced online trainings and misc. pro resources educate and empower people like you to have fun making a difference.

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Here are some of the places where our graduates use their professional laughter skills:

Why. Laughter is an untapped science. We teach a refreshing new form of lifestyle medicine that complements and enriches other established therapeutic strategies throughout people’s lifespan.
Who.  Our students are people who want to help themselves, their family, peers and/or clients of all ages to laugh to “live fully until they die” in a variety of social, professional and corporate settings.
How. Beyond the quality of the education it offers, LOU’s success comes from its visionary strategy and supporting structure, professional standards, systems, and support.
The program of the Laughter Online University is excellent. It demonstrates well how to achieve competency in teaching laughter-based programs. You have done a magnanimous job with a mountain of knowledge. Thank you again for making this online training possible.’
Dennis Stalvey, Senior Chaplain, Magnolia Manor Nursing Center, Americus, Georgia, USA
Dennis Stalvey, Senior Chaplain
This has been one of the best and the most useful online courses I have been through, and I have taken quite a number of online courses. The material is very clear, extended and well researched. Well done! You have helped me bring Laughter Yoga and Laughter Wellness into Dubai.’
Sahar Moussly, Author, Master Behavioural Coach
Sahar Moussly, Author, Master Behavioural Coach
I want to let you know that as a long time leader and teacher of laughter (since 2003) I am so impressed by your program, feeling that it does include ALL of the different facets of laughter that are going on, and embracing the many ways to do it, without negating one or the other, but actually celebrating and inviting learning in an inclusive positive way. That is very impressive!’
Lydia Gonzales, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher
Lydia Gonzales, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher
I really enjoyed this program. Even if you are not looking to teach laughter classes, the benefits that you can share with others are very rewarding.
Danielle Berg
A must for anyone considering teaching laughter yoga. I love the amount of material you have gathered.
Liz Elliott
What a wonderful way to learn. It blows my mind. I thought I was learning laughter yoga to help others and I find it’s helping me. I really didn’t expect that at all. Laughter wellness is fantastic! I am thrilled.
Barbara Legge

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